About Us


You can not manage that which you can not see. We help you to see the future in order to better manage it.

The Hallman Company provides personal, effective, on-on-one retail consulting services to retail owners throughout the United States. For over 25 years we have effectively provided general retail business advisory services to fashion boutiques, menswear retailers, children’s stores and gift shops as well as other retail businesses.

We implement “the science of retail success” via services such as demand-based sales forecasting with pre-calculated open to buy budgets, managerial accounting insights, and retail marketing and selling methodology. Our state of the art consulting services help retail clients increase sales and improve cash flow and profits  by having a more balanced inventory assortment and a realistic seasonal buying budget, as well as a closely monitored marketing and sales plan. Plans and actual performance are updated monthly. The service includes monthly strategy sessions with a seasoned retail consultant who will analyze your performance against the plan,in total and by merchandise classification, discuss with you and your team, and advise you of recommended actions.We are Atlanta based with independent retailer clients nationwide.

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